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Web 2.0 is expanding beyond what one could really keep a track of. Every day, new companies emerge out of nowhere and crowd the web 2.0 space.

But here is an interesting site which claims to be “The Complete web 2.0 directory” –– This site lists quite a good number of web 2.0 sites and one can search based on categories too (music,video, job,blog etc)

There are a few flaws in their approach – for e.g.,

  • TechCrunch is defined as a tag! (and Digg shows up when you filter by Techcrunch tag!! – I really don’t know what does this mean and how does this make sense?
  • Om Malik’s Gigaom isn’t a part of the directory?
  • Blogspot/blogger/LiveJournal/Typepad aren’t listed too; while lesser known blogging platform like wallop, sixapart find a place in the directory.
  • What happened to writely/zoho products? None are listed here.

In short, has made a good start, but have a long long way to go.

That gets me to a basic question – What do you mean by web 2.0? What makes a company/product Web 2.0 “compliant”?

Have a look at the mind-map (right side) which necessarily sums up the memes of Orielley’s thoughts on web 2.0.
Look at the keywords – Social Software, Blogs, Perpetual Beta,Microformats,AJAX etc..

While this definition is a good place to learn web 2.0, maybe somebody (w3c?) needs to define what’s web 2.0 and what’s not web 2.0 (especially the latter).

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