KhojGuru Brings Discount Coupons in NCR Region

KhojuGuru Brings Discount Coupons in NCR Region – one can download mobile coupons or print outs and avail discount at retail outlets like Tanishq, Crome etc.

We have profiled couple of discount coupon services in the past (Valkub,,MoneySaver,  Offersforshoppers and Open2Save) and the beauty of this industry is that it is as difficult to crack (as defragmented as local search market) and on top of that, it is time dependent as well (coupons are valid for certain duration only).

But the good news is that organized retail is triggering the need for such services, especially when you bring SMS as a delivery channel.

The latest to join this space is Delhi based startup called KhojGuru which is started by guys from IIT D/DCE and IIM A.

Like any other discount service, KhojGuru khojgurulets you search for discount coupons and download them as mobile coupons or a simple printout.

The startup is currently active only in NCR region and what really attracted my attention was the traffic that Khojguru has been receiving (Alexa rank* of ~26K, quite high as compared to other services) – result of good seo and interlinking of content.

While you can download discount coupons from the site, you can also buy Khojguru’s discount pack booklet (for Rs. 99/) which contains 49 coupons and is valid till end of this year (though I have questioned the logic behind the discount books earlier and it still seems to be an alien concept to me).

The site UI is neatly done – though a serious suggestion to the team would be to take off the google ads (heck! you aren’t a content site).

The company, in my humble opinion is trying to overlap some of it’s offering with local search service (like reviews/add a business) which is something that they should think twice about. Infact, if reviews are so important, tie up with any local search service to show an aggregated review/rating – but focus on the main thing, i.e. discount (case of intent mismatch).

If you are from NCR region, do give Khojguru a spin and share your comments/feedback on the overall experience.

* – We do know that Alexa rank cannot be trusted completely, but it is a decent indicator of one’s traffic.

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