This Is How Indian Consumers Shop Using Discount Coupons

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This Is How Indian Consumers Shop Using Discount Coupons

Discounts and deals are among the biggest driving factors of online shopping in India. It’s no wonder then that the country ranks the highest in coupon usage among Brazil, Spain, Australia and Singapore. 

Coupon Use By Age The largest demographic making up 49.5% of all online shoppers using coupons are aged between 25-34 years in India, which is higher than any of the countries mentioned above.

Cuponation, an online deals discovery platform, conducted a survey which found that in India 61.8% coupon users are male while the remaining 38.2% are female.

Among all Indian cities Mumbai ranks on top when it comes to coupon use and beats out Sao Paula, Madrid, Sydney and Singapore.

Coupon Use By Time

Indians shop online at the workplace and a metric that suggests this is true is the favourite time people spend looking for coupons. 1 PM to 3PM is the most popular time when it comes to looking for online deals and coupons in India.

Fashion, electronics and beauty & health are the three most popular categories for which Indian users look for coupons, possibly because they’re also among the most popular categories for online shopping in the country.

Conveniently enough the top three e-commerce companies for which online shoppers search coupons for in India are Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal respectively. Moreover, it should be noted that Flipkart has no mechanism for accepting discount coupons.

Coupon Use By Device

Since India is predominantly a mobile first nation, it’s no surprise that 62% of all people using coupons in the country are on smartphones. That’s higher than Brazil (30%), Spain (22%), Australia (28%) and Singapore (37%).

Other findings:

  • Discount coupons are the most popular type of online coupons
  • South India buys more online when compared to North India
  • 92% of the people surveyed believe the deals they find online are better than offline deals
  • 95% of Indian shoppers spend time to find the best deal

The above data is based on extracts from a Cuponation infographic.

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  1. Shopping with some coupon to save money is still the best way to shop online. But these days the problem seems to be with too much of information.

    Everybody says there is a deal or discount offer but that doesn’t really a discount sale…

  2. This is true fact indeed as I work with a popular Coupon Website from India and we are receiving sales and leads from all age groups but major share is 25-34 years. Thanks for this post.

  3. The above information about using mobiles to access coupons in India is absolutely correct. Recently I have been assigned to work on a new deals and coupons site and we really struggled to get traffic to this site. On further analysis we observed that most of the traffic was coming from Mobiles and this site was not optimized for mobiles and so throwing away the incoming traffic. Now we are working on to optimize this site for mobiles.

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