Startup RankSignals abstracts signals from site’s backlink data [Discover SEO juice of your competitors]

Want to look at source of link juice that your competitor is enjoying? What’s the big deal about your site’s backlink data? Well, a lot!

NCR based startup, MPedia has launched Rank Signals, a big data SaaS platform, that indexes the web to provide analytics. The size of RankSignal index, as the team claims rivals some of the Tier 2 search engines. ranksignals

RankSignal’s goal is to build an end-to-end inbound marketing platform which will not only provide analytics, but automate your SEO & Social marketing tasks.

While the site is in closed beta, here is a short QnA we did with the founder, Ravish Ahuja

1. There are quite a few similar tools like this. Why launch RankSignals?

There are 3 link graph providers in the market at the moment; their tools provide raw backlinks analytics. The backlinks data is useful, but hardly actionable. We will provide actionable insights into the data, and build tools around it to help you get more links & traffic.

We are providing the backlinks analytics for free; whereas our competitors charge over $100/mo. At the moment, the size and freshness of our index is at par with our competition. Our tool provides you open access to unlimited backlinks, while our competitors provide access to only couple thousand unique domains links. youtube_ranksignals

2. Future plans? How do you guys plan to monetize this?

We will continue to provide access to analytics data for free. We are building tools to automate SEO & Social marketing tasks by leveraging our data and infrastructure. These premium applications will be paid SaaS offering.

Ranksignals is an interesting product that gives you a good amount of data on the linking page URL, the anchor text and PR (pagerank) value of the page. If you are into SEO business, do check out RankSignals and share your comments.

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