Forum Roundup: Distributing Equity with Co-founders & More


Forum Roundup: Distributing Equity with Co-founders & More

Last week we had some great discussions over at the NextBigWhat forum. Here’s a quick list of interesting topics from the forum.


What is the best way to distribute equity with cofounder?

How can a original founder share equity with a cofounder who joins at a later date (may or may not bring in capital) taking responsibility of managing one of the functions of the business ie Marketing/Sales. I believe ESOP is one way to reserve the share with a vesting period of 3 to 5 years. Are there any other methods which could safeguard the interests of both cofounders (original as well as new).

First Order at Yebhi turns out to be a disaster

So My First Order at Yebhi turns out to be a complete disaster. It seems they have no intentions to ship my order. Anyone with Right Contacts in Yebhi who can help me resolve the issue??? The issue is with their own logistics dept ( Yebhi Express) if their Tracking is to be believed. ( I Now Doubt if they really have those products).

Olacabs to refund flight fares in case of a delay

Obviously moved by the entry of Uber in Bangalore, Olacabs has announced that it will refund  flight fares if a customer misses a flight. Olacabs says that it will give a refund of Rs 5,000 or the ticket fare, whichever is lower, if the cab reaches more than 10 minutes late. The refund will be done in the form of Ola Money.

Supercharge your startup, now.

Now inviting Indian innovators / entrepreneurs / startups, to participate in “The Next BIG Idea” contest. This initiative is backed by the Ontario International Marketing Centre (Government of Ontario, Canada), and run as a collaborative by the BSE Institute (a subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange) and Ryerson University, Toronto. : A Quick Review

I was genuinely looking for a rental place and of course, wanted to give Housing a spin. Here is a quick feedback to the team.


[High Alert] ( Ozonetel ) – Payment Forgery Risk

The purpose of this thread is to convey a potential risk to KooKoo ( Ozonetel ) Team. There are in all 2 potential issues observed in KooKoo’s website ( at very first look ) – The one is related to the payment and the other is related to the user profile info.

Other discussions

How do I get my start up covered by start up media?

Mobile Internet users in India

Design Your Own Chocolate Bar at Happiness Bars

Shared space in Delhi/NCR/Noida


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