Diu now runs 100% on solar power

In just 3 years, Diu has made rapid progress in solar power generation. The Union territory has an area of just 42 square kilometres (with a population of 56,000).

Gate of Diu Fort (image credit: wikipedia)
Despite the scarcity of land, solar power plants have been installed over more than 50 acres.
Source: Diu becomes first UT to run 100% on solar power

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  1. We first made electricity burning coal and thought it was good. soon we ended up exploiting our own natural resource and multiplying pollution and emissions. Then we switched on to Nuclear and thought it was a cleaner and safer mode, but then too once again we ended up with toxic radioactive waste handling as a headache. Now we move blindly on solar power generation on recommendation of someone sort of dictator. Who knows what damage we are to do soon to our planet and environment?
    Steven Hawkings once said, “Power generation through any means would add to pollution and heat in the environment and rise global temperatures.”
    Congrats for the achievement Diu and all the best for your future. Do not regret if later scientists discover that solar power generation at national level or throughout the globe, gave rise to heat that got entrapped in the earth’s inner environment and caused radiation, melted pole ice, rose sea levels and temperatures and caused cancer.

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