The NextBigWhat team wishes you happy diwali.
And now that Diwali is over, it’s time for all of us to clean the city – the swachh bharat abhiyaan. And yeah, there are apps for that.
I Clean India [link]
I Clean India allows citizens to post photos of unclean spots in their locality & organize a cleanliness drive to fix the spot by inviting their friends and neighbors. I Clean India allows citizens to participate in cleanliness drives in their locality & post photos of the change that they were able to create to inspire others to join the movement.

Iclean India  : Participate in Cleanliness Drive
I Clean India : Participate in Cleanliness Drive

2. Swachh [link]
Geo-location meets the cleanliness intent.
Swachh app lets you click pictures of the area that needs to be cleaned. The app is completely geo location based. Whenever you move to a new place, you can see all the posted dirty places around that area. Once you are interested towards cleaning up the dirty place, you can voluntarily add yourself and also you can communicate with other volunteers within the app. That makes the job easier when most of the volunteers are your friends from Facebook. The team will also help in organizing the Swachh initiative with the help of NGOs and also if possible with the help from Government.
Swachh App : Clean Your Locality
Swachh App : Clean Your Locality

If you are really interested in cleaning up your locality, go ahead and try out this app – both of them have created a nice way to build a community around the cleanliness intent.