DIY platform PowerStores Makes Setting Up an E-commerce Store Easy

If you are looking to setup an ecommerce website, you could either spend a lot of money on developing a website and maintaining it or pick a DIY e-commerce platform and quickly put one together. There are many such platforms out there. PowerStores is a DIY platform that recently caught our attention.

The 2.5 year old company based in Goa competes with Buildabazaar, Shopify, Zepo and others. (See comparison of Shopify, Zepo and Buildabazaar).

With PowerStores, on the front end, you can pick a theme and configure your store (website) very quickly. You can pick different colors, fonts and logo. The text, images and pages can also be configured. There are a bunch of other features that you can configure.


On the back end, you can configure various options. One of the most important is the payment gateway. You can pick between payment gateways CCAVenue, PayU, PayZippy, Direcpay and PayPal out of the box and also add custom payment methods. (Read: Payment Gateway Comparison).

PowerStores has different pricing slabs, depending upon your usage. The Rs 700 starter pack will get you going but you’ll probably need more features like  discount codes, even if you are just a small shop.

The interface is very easy to use and the back end is comprehensive with reports and its own analytics. It also integrates with Google analytics. If you are already on another platform, you could import customer data using a csv file. Powerstores also has an app store with some useful apps  like Webengage, Referralcandy and LiveChat that can be integrated to your store.

For people wanting to setup a new ecommerce store with very little effort, PowerStores is a great option.

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