DJI Unveils Its Phantom 3 Drone; Prices Start At $999

When it comes to consumer drones, the most ubiquitous name in the market has got to be DJI. The company has now revised its popular lineup, with the unveiling of the Phantom 3 drone simultaneously at New York, London, and Munich yesterday.
The Phantom 3 comes in two variants – Professional and Advanced – which will cost $1,250 and $999 respectively. While the body remains largely unchanged over the Phantom 2, there’s a whole host of technical changes, that make it a whole new device.
The biggest of those upgrades has got to be the addition of a visual positioning system, which basically uses downward facing cameras to allow the Phantom 3 to hold its position without a GPS signal.
The device will also work with GLONASS, a Russian, satellite-based navigation system that works in parallel to GPS. Combining both signals allows the Phantom 3 to quickly and reliably find a satellite signal, meaning its location detection is that much more precise.
DJI has also built its Lightbridge system right into the Phantom 3, allowing it to stream live HD footage from up to 2 kilometers away without any ad-on hardware.
When it comes to on-board cameras, the Phantom 3 Professional gets one that can handle shooting in 4K, while the Advanced gets a 1080p camera. Both versions can shoot photos at a maximum resolution of 12MP, and feature a 1/2.3″ sensor that’s larger than the one on the Phantom Vision 2+.
Further, DJI has also upgraded the iOS and Android app, and the Phantom 3 will now work alongside the pilot app the company released alongside its amazing Inspire One drone.
[via: TheVegre]

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