DNA of India’s Tech Entrepreneurs: Grey Hairs, Blue Chip Degree Holders and Returnee Founders

What are Indian entrepreneurs like? Do they have shiny degrees to show off? Are there a lot of grey hairs? Are they risk averse? Early stage venture firm Canaan Partners has brought out some data which gives us interesting insights into these questions. Here are the findings based on a survey by Venture Intelligence of founders of all companies that were funded in FY13.

  • Nearly 32 % of founders, who raised money in FY13 had more than 3 years of international work experience. There is an increasing trend of returnee founders.
  • The ecosystem in Bangalore favored experience over educational pedigree while Delhi NCR founders were younger wit blue chip college degrees .
  • 74% Founders in Mumbai had “blue chip” education. That is, they went to IITs, IIMs, top tier or Ivy league colleges.
  • 4% of funded founders quit their jobs in corporate India to start their venture!Entrepreneur DNA
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