From Forum: Stop Inserting “Dear” in Emails

Stop Inserting “Dear” in Emails

A research by Temple University Fox School of Business professor suggests (or is rather a QED) that consumers’ response to personalized greetings ranged from very negative to, at best, neutral. Overall, 95 percent of customers responded negatively when an email ad greeted them by name.

Are Responsive designs a BIG threat to Mobstac kind of products?

First, there’s the technical argument. Responsive design is fundamentally built on CSS3 media queries, and the proposition is that you can send down the exact same HTML and only vary the CSS that is applied. For simple websites that don’t have complex pages, this is an approach that can work. However, for many content websites that send down a lot of very heavy HTML pages, sending the same payload down to a mobile device is a bad idea because of how slow the page load becomes. This fundamentally defeats the purpose of the mobile experience: to help the user quickly get to whatever it is that they’re trying to get to.

Responsive design relies on browser support for it to work properly. From the data we have on the MobStac network, iPhone and Android devices add up to less than 50% of worldwide traffic: in most parts of the world outside the US, Blackberry, Nokia, and other devices that ship with a wide variety of browsers, it is simply not an option to rely on a pure responsive approach that makes use of CSS3 media queries.

The other problem at a design level is that with a responsive approach, you have to take a “least common denominator” approach. You can’t independently vary the features and experience of the mobile version because it is always very tightly coupled to the PC version. Such tight coupling in design makes this approach very limiting. The mobile Internet is not just about modifying experiences to suit screen sizes – it’s about a fundamentally different consumer interaction with the Web.

What’s really happening with Smile Group?

Utsav Fashion & Fashionandyou have swapped their CFO’s.  Anirudha joined Utsav on 2/July. Also a little birdie told me that the Smile CEOs who quit earliest, have teamed up with their CTO & CMO and stated a competing venture.  The CTO has already formed up his tech team & the work has started more than a month now.  Will update once we get a confirmation.

Global Tech Brands from India?

Wondering how many global technology brands do we have *from* India (and not *by* Indians).

SLUMDOG-will-be-SLUMDOG-not-MILLIONAIRE.- RBI Policy on Payment and Pre-paid Gateway Busniess

Our Objective was: To Design an Payment System like Paypal which benefits Merchants who can sell their products on below methods  for  free of transaction charges and installation charges and  make merchants money 100% legal since money is deposited in Bank account which inturn boost the economy of India.


and much more..

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