Do schools sets you up for the real world?

Be ready to be a student again. Know that it never stops — lifelong learning – Aadit Sheth

Lie: School sets you up for the real world. If you want to win at life, you need to learn to figure it out. How to figure anything out:
Accept that you don’t know it all: First, normalize not knowing everything. It’s okay. The ones that know a lot continue to ask questions. Speak less. Ask more.
Curiosity wins: Be ready to be a student again. Know that it never stops — lifelong learning. The universe appreciates genuine curiosity. Friends, the internet & communities will give you what you want if show genuine interest.
Be positive-sum — want others to win: The more you give, the more you get. If people around you are winning, you will win (at some point). Surround yourself with winners and help them win big.
Invest in yourself: Put money on the line when it comes to learning (if you can). Things move faster: • Gives you instant credibility • Access to higher quality material • Connects you with the right people If you don’t invest: These things will just take longer.
Write about it: It’s the best way to learn something. No need to be an expert — just share what you know. Writing is a great mechanism to identify gaps in your knowledge: How it works: 1. Start writing 2. Stuck? Don’t know something? 3. Time to get curious! 4. Write more.
Be crazy about it: Just a little crazy. At the end of the day, the drive should come from within. Intrinsic motivation always wins over external motivation. If you find yourself dropping everything and going all-in, don’t be scared. Just be safe. But a bit crazy.
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