Doc’s Prescriptions Decoded, Digitised & Sent Via SMS, Thanks to Startup mTatva

Struggling to decipher the doctor’s prescription, forgetting to take medicines on time or even making it to your follow ups? Bangalore based mTatva has just the solution for both hospitals and patients.

Started by IIT Delhi graduate Baljit Singh in February 2014, mTatva’s platform HealthPIE to help hospitals save on costs, increase revenue and also help acquire patients.

HealthPIE is a patient information and empowerment system that sends SMS reminders to patients about taking medicines, going for follow ups and also, decodes handwritten doctors prescriptions to digital copies.

How Does HealthPIE Work?

The HealthPIE platform was developed by Baljit in January 2013. Once a patient has consulted a doctor, mTatva’s customised hardware takes 5-10 seconds to take a picture of the prescription. Post this, it is uploaded on the cloud, then it is decoded using HealthPIE. Once decoded, a final check is done manually by mTatva.

HealthPIE then provides every patient registered with the system a unique ID and password to access medical records, appointments and other details on the cloud.


After registration mTatva sends SMS based prescriptions, reminders and follow up reminders to patients as prescribed by the doctors. The SMS is available in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Bengali.

mTatva has also developed a HealthPIE app for Android, apart from the web for access from a mobile.

“We chose SMS as the medium to send reminders because not everyone will be have access to the internet, or app at all times,” explains Baljit who has worked in the IT industry for 11 years.

Medication sms 1

The 9-member startup plans on covering the top 15 local languages in the country in the next one month.

How will a hospital benefit from HealthPIE?

  • Provides standardised material to doctors in case of illnesses like viral fever and vitamin B12 deficiency where symptoms and causes to be explained don’t vary greatly from patient to patient.

  • Cuts down on time spent on patient follow-ups by doctors. Patients can post queries and symptoms on the HealthPIE that can be directly accessed by doctors. Doctors can consequently decide on whether the development requires personal consultation or is a usual symptom.

  • Helps increase hospital revenues by reminding patients to come in for follow ups like lab scans, x-rays etc.

  • No change in the workflow for hospitals since there is no set up or installation required by the hospitals themselves.


“We also give analytics to hospitals. Doctors can easily know what kind of patients, and which ailments are the most recurring. This can be available if you use electronic medical records(EMR), but in India no one uses EMR,” says Baljit.

Clients & Monetisation

mTatva services are currently available only in Bangalore. It has already tied up with Whitefield based multi-speciality clinic RxDx to provide the services. They are in the pilot phase with two other hospital chains in the city for the service and are in talks with 2 others.

mTatva’s monetisation model is based on charges per prescription per patient. It currently has 17,995 active patients using its platform.

Road Ahead for mTatva

mTatva has multi-fold expansion plans for the next 6 months. They plan on providing services to remote areas in the country.

 “It is an area of immense value. Post-prescription services are unheard of, medical literacy is very low, and that’s where we want to impact. We’re working on the costs and tech right now to be able to make this solution viable for remote areas,” says Baljit.

Another area of focus for mTatva will be hospitals that deal with critical illnesses where taking medicines on time is imperative for patients. The startup is already working with one critical healthcare centre in Bangalore for the service in a pilot phase.

Finally, mTatva also plans on going B2C and directly reaching out to patients via their app in the next 3 months.