Does using model pics helps a marriage site? [Cheesy]

Planning to get married? So you register at a matrimony site and subscribe to their email updates.

The email updates/newsletter, sometimes will have a damn beautiful chick – so you click and search for her – though you may not find her, you might end up settling with somebody else – atleast that’s what a matrimonial site thinks of!

Well, a smart guy just figured out that the pic (in one of the email newsletter) was a model’s pic sourced from imagesbazaar.

Email Newsletter
Email Newsletter
Fake Profile? Or Cheap Marketing?
Fake Profile? Or Cheap Marketing?

The site in question is SimplyMarry – we sincerely hope that this wasn’t a marketing ploy (if it is, it’s quite a sad one) as faking data doesn’t serve any purpose.

But why would a user fake her profile (and is there a check on images that are uploaded to the site?) – Is it coincident that the said user profile (if real) makes it to the email newsletter?

What’s your opinion?

via suraj [pics: 1, 2]

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