Whiteboard Friday: Doing Business in India (for NRIs and Foreigners)

Are you a NRI, foreigner or International company looking to start a business or branch office in India? In this episode of eLagaan Whiteboard Friday, the eLagaan team discusses type of businesses like Sole Proprietor, General Partner, LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) & Private Limited – Pvt. Ltd. Company.

What kind of company could  NRI’s (Non Resident Indian), Foreigners (international citizens) or International Companies form? Which business forms are ideal for them and the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a particular business structure and business form.  Some of the factors you should look at is taxation, repatriation of money to the country of origin (investment or profits) , residency and citizenship status of the to be owners.

The video also discusses

– How to bring foreign investment to India or FDI – foreign direct investment.
– Types of offices like subsidiary, branch office, sales office, research & development (R&D) office or Representative office.
– How businesses licenses play a role.
– Various Indian taxation like direct taxes & indirect taxes.