Tired of Chrome? Checkout The Dolphin Browser

The Chrome browser on my Android phone is a bit tardy at times. That makes me constantly look for a new and snappier browser. I’ve been fiddling with the new Dolphin browser on my Android phone for a week or so and so far, it’s doing good. Only, I’m not sure if its compelling enough for me to stay.

The browser, which has over 80 million installs worldwide, is the latest entrant to this part of the world and is said to be customizing for India. Although, none of the custom features are visible yet.

What’s interesting about Dolphin is the Sonar and the Gesture features. Sonar listens to you and Gesture can recognize shapes you draw on the screen and carry out actions. You can create gestures for a particular task. For instance, to open Facebook, you could have a shape that looks like F.

Dolphin supports Hindi and a set of standard languages like Chinese, English and Spanish. You can choose between different search engines, create bookmarks and set a homepage of your choice.

The tabs open up very quickly, giving a snappy feel to the browsing experience. One interesting feature is that you could set the browser to clear your browsing history, cookies and cache automatically each time you exit. It saves a lot of time. You can backup and restore your browser data. Backup encrypts your information and stores it on the phone’s memory. Dolphin

With India becoming the third largest smartphone market in the world, it is easy to see why browser companies are interested in launching here. Recently, another browser company from China called Maxthon entered India. However, new entrants have strong incumbents like the UC Browser, Opera and Chrome to deal with. Chinese UC Browser recently overtook Opera to become the largest used mobile browser in India recently. However, according to Statcounter, Opera seems to have clawed back up into the number 1 position in the month of October.

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