Don2 Set to Release in India in Technicolor 3D Format

Technicolor today announced that Reliance Entertainment has agreed to release its action thriller, DON2,  in the Technicolor 3D format in India. This marks the first time a local Indian release will utilize the new format for exhibiting 3D movies.

“We were impressed with the quality available through the Technicolor 3D format and wanted to bring Don2 to as many 3D screens as possible,” said Utpal Acharya, Head of Distribution and Acquisitions, Reliance Entertainment.  “The rapid growth in 3D screen count by Technicolor and FutureWorks has been impressive and the addition of these screens will help bring the excitement of Don2 to more fans of this movie.”

Working with its partner, FutureWorks Media Limited, Technicolor has installed more than 100 screens with the Technicolor 3D format, which nearly doubles the total 3D screen count in India.  The addition of these 3D screens will give movie studios more distribution options and provide additional venues for movie patrons to see the growing slate of 3D movies. FutureWorks is the exclusive distributor of the T3D lens in India.

“Technicolor 3D is a winning solution for distributors, exhibitors, consumers and film makers in India. Distributors can now release 3D films on many more screens, exhibitors can attract more customers to their theatres, consumers can more easily access and enjoy a bright, high quality 3D cinema experience and the increase in screens capable of projecting 3D should foster greater Indian 3D productions,” said Gaurav Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, FutureWorks Media Limited.

Technicolor 3D is installed globally on more than 700 screens, with nearly 400 Technicolor 3D lenses installed in North American theaters alone.  The addition of the screens in India makes this the fastest growing market for this popular new format for 3D movies.

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