Doro PhoneEasy 740: The Smartphone for Grandparents

On one hand where phone manufacturers are boasting of multiple processors and efficient GPUs, mammoth RAMs, large screen sizes, and gorilla glasses, Sweden-based Doro is a company that focuses on accessibility, and especially targets the elderly. All phones in Doro’s line of products include large buttons, easy-to-navigate menus and a simple interface.

The latest addition to Doro is the PhoneEasy 740, an Android-based Easy Phone showcased in this year’s Barcelona-hosted Mobile World Congress. The first smartphone for elderly bears a 3.2 inch touchscreen, and also a slide-out keypad to provide that tactile feedback some grandmas may find more convenient. The phone has both 3G and Wifi, in addition to GPS connectivity.

Doro EasyPhone 740
Doro EasyPhone 740

The UI is Doro’s own called Doro Experience, that masks the underlying Android Gingerbread completely, by providing simple, large buttons to access the most commonly used features. The home screen has four bars for Contacts, Calls, SMSs, and Email, that can be scrolled down to reveal the Browser, Camera, and Doro app store.

There are many unique features of the PhoneEasy 740 targetted at the elders, which include HD voice, an app that uses the camera as a magnifying glass, an unusually powerful speaker, a charging cradle, a torch, and a panic button on the back that can be configured to alarm in general or call a preset number in case of  an emergency.

AnroidAuthority reports that Doro has an interesting PC-based interface as well, which will allow relatives or friends of the PhoneEasy 740 owners to remotely set up and monitor their devices, and add/remove apps to help out your parents/grandparents to get the best out of their ‘smartphone’ experience.

Detailed technical specs:

Screen:                320 by 480 px 3.2 inch touchscreen
Processor:           650MHz ARM1176
RAM:                   512 MB
Storage:              4 GB inbuilt, microSD card slot
Connectivity:     3G, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS
Camera:              Rear-facing 5 MP with Flash
Others:                Micro USB Connector, Gyrometer, Torch, Loud ringtones
Preinstalled Apps: Magnifying glass, Calendar, Daily Reminder

The phone will be available in Summer 2012, in most of the 30 countries Doro does its business in. Though there is no news of its availability in India yet, iBall already has a special feature phone for the elderly called iBall Aasaan in India, already selling on Flipkart, Letsbuy et cetera, but nothing like the Gingerbread experience via Doro. The takeaway from this is the Doro Experience interface, since based on Android, can be an inspiration for app developers to create one in the Indian context, probably i18n’ed to Indian languages. Any takers?

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