Telecom Roundup: DoT identifies Available Spectrum (for 3G), RCom raises $500mn..and More


DoT has identified between 51 and 60 MHz of spectrum, the radio frequencies that enable wireless communications, in several service areas that will allow it to offer between 10 and 12 licences to operators to introduce third-generation (3G) services.

Based on the higher spectrum availability, DoT will now be able to offer licences to 12 operators each in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu (including Chennai), Haryana, Karnataka, Orissa and Kerala; and 10 licences each in Kolkata and Madhya Pradesh – via BS

TRAI sets 5-yr timeframe from Analog to digital cable TV upgradation

TRAI has set a five year timeframe for cable TV operators to upgrade their current analogue network to digital transmission mode in order to compete with new distribution platforms, such as IPTV and HITS, besides improving their revenue earning prospects – source

RCom raises $500mn loan from EDC

Reliance Communications (RCom) has received a $500-million loan from Export Development Corporation of Canada (EDC), which the private telecom major will use for the procurement of GSM equipment.

This increases the Anil Ambani group firm’s overseas loan procured for GSM operations to $1.25 billion, including an earlier $750 million received from China Development Bank – source

DoT offers sops to operators for rural rollout

The govt. has waived the licence fee from revenues earned from fixed line phones in rural areas., in order to give financial incentives to operators to roll out services in rural areas.

Also, operators who cover more than 95% of the rural areas will have to pay only 3% of their annual revenues to the Universal Services Obligation fund instead of 5% now. – source

This decision will benefit BSNL in the short run (which owns more than 95% rural telephones).

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