Dotmach Wants To Join The Work Management Platform Race At Nearly Half The Cost

Dotmach, a Trivandrum based startup, is a newcomer to the work management application space. The platform, launched earlier this month, intends to improve the way employees collaborate, communicate and share content among a workgroup.

Management of work among employees has always been a tedious and stressful task. With most companies using multiple applications to function, transferring projects from one app to another is always difficult and affects productivity. Proper and well organized workflow data is the only way to increase productivity of a team. This is where a good work management platform comes into play.

DotmatchOver the years we have seen many such platforms like Asana, Yammer, Basecamp, Teambox, MS Project, and others. All these platforms have their own fanbase and come with their own set of pros and cons. (Read: Here is Why Your team Won’t Use That Shining New Collaboration Tool)

Dotmach, a Trivandrum based startup, is a newcomer to the work management application space.The platform, launched   earlier this month, intends to improve the way employees collaborate, communicate and share content among a workgroup. Dotmach’s platform wants to bring the team, content and task management in a singular platform in order to increased productivity. The applications, for now, is mainly aimed at startups, small and medium business(SMBs).

The only advantage the application has over its competition is its price point. For example a 50 user plan costs $150/month, which is nearly half of what Asana charges. The applications comes with the standard set of task Management, communication and collaboration tools, that are a norm in the market now. Hence the reduced price point doesn’t mean you miss out on any essential features. The application also has an inbuilt social element, that provides content or file collaboration internally and also with other services. Currently the services supported are and Dropbox, but the platform plans to add Skydrive and Google drive to the list.

The company has about 15 organizations that are using the beta version of the management application and are helping them with testing and bugs. With most early adopter owning to be small startups with less than 10 users, the Free account is going to the most used plan. You can sign up for a free account that comes with support for 10 users, 2 Gb file storage space, 3 workspaces.

Some key Highlights of the Free account are Unlimited Projects, Task Management, File sharing, Event Scheduler and One to One Chat.

The company also offers a special discounts for select organizations. You can contact them for a discount of 60%, if you are an NGO or a 75% discount, if you are a startup of 1 year or below.

The startup will launch a mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms. Developer APIs are also in the works.

Dotmatch Dashboard

With a growing industry and good competition from existing and established  project management applications like Asana, Basecamp and also from some enterprise social networks like Yammer, the startup’s pricing will be a selling point. Also products like Microsoft SharePoint or MS Project provide more complex solutions and are catering to the top tier clients of this segment. Dotmach’s platform kind of fits somewhere in the middle in this segment, they don’t provide complex solution and are for now aimed at smaller institutions.

The company will have to develop and integrate better features to build a dedicated user base. With so many players in the market this might be the only way it will be able to gain some early adopters. To sell in India, it will also have to put some feet on the street.

Last week we had written about  ESS, a productivity management suite by Gurgaon based startup Ankhorus, that helps to track employee productivity of organizations, regardless of its size and nature.

MangoApps, a private social network for any enterprise with built-in productivity apps also provides similar services. The company has gained substantial traction.

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