Add language subtitles to your videos

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Add language subtitles to your videos

If you are a videoblogger or love creating video tutorials/screencasts, one of the top items in your wish list would be to cut thru’ the language barrier and reach out to the wider audience [cross cultural/language].
Try dotSub.
How does dotSub works?
All you’ve gotta do is to upload the video and enable viewers to translate the video in the language of their choice. And the translated text will play as subtitles.

dotSub is that simple!

Don’t believe me? Have a look at the demo and RockeBoom’s episode on dotSub.

dotSub is a classic example of simple idea, but great execution. IMHO, the opportunities for this product is immense. The tool can be majorly used for educational purpose [look at PlanetRead], and even online tutorials/screencasters can leverage this tool to reach out to newer audiences.

Interestingly, one of the most viewed video @ dotSub is of Grameen bank’s Muhammad Yunus [has been translated in 74 languages, till date!].

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