With PreApps, Check out Apps Even before they hit App Stores

There are over 1.5 million available just on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and hundreds of apps are being added daily. With such a vast number of apps, app discovery is a nightmare both for developers as well as for users looking for apps to download.

Boston-based PreApps looks to solve the app discovery problem, but it is not like other app discovery services like GetJar. PreApps wants to offer a personal preview of apps by connecting app developers and early adopters of mobile apps.

PreApps currently caters to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Mac Apps. The site primarly serves as an app development ecosystem for developers where they can create pre-release hype, receive pre-opted user downloads upon release, beta testers, and most importantly critical user feedback.


PreApps lets developers post their apps, which are then split into categories. Each app has its own page with a description, expected pricing and release date and screenshots. Users who visit can offer comment on the app.

For users of the site, they get a special preview of apps while they help in the testing of the apps. The app enthusiasts can tell developers what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. App users can sign up to be beta testers and can tell the developers what features they want in a particular app. Users can also be notified when a particular app goes live on the respective app stores.

The team consists of Sean Casto,the CEO & Founder, Dan Mangru, the Director of Marketing and Kim Roz, Director of Sales.

The website which went live in January of 2013, as seen almost 400 apps submitted.

Developers can use PreApps for free, but there are a handful of premium features they can upgrade to. Developers who upgrade can survey PreApp’s audience on various features. They can also pay to get promotional placement on the PreApps home page.

PreApps as various services they offer developers like icon creation, demo video creation, writing of press releases and app development for those who have an idea and want it converted into a mobile app.

One of the best parts of the website is the Tips and Trick section where one can learn how to market an app or finalize an Android app.

The website also has a section where users can submit their app ideas. The top voted idea then gets developed for free. The website has plans to release apps for its services on iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows Phone and Windows 8.

They do not plan to support, or list BlackBerry apps, as they feel Blackberry does not have a strong core of independent developers and they want to remain as targeted as possible. They feel that the iOS and Android development communities are the two biggest and support for Windows 8 / Phone support was added on the platform because they see the Windows developer community growing.

They say that Young Money Apps, which released a new Smoke Tracker App on their platform, got 3000 downloads the first day of release.

PreApps has been funded by an angel investor and gains revenue from value-added services like icon and demo video creation and also by advertising for apps.

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