Unlimited Bollywood Music at Hungama Music Store [Review]

Download Bollywood Movies Songs/Videos at Hungama music store. Hungama has launched it’s retail music portal enabling users to download unlimited content at Rs. 99/month. We take the content portal for a ride and share your review.

Hungama has launched the online music store which boasts of 200,000 music and videos titles. Apart from the vast range of music, pricing plays a big differentiator for Hungama’s retail initiative.
For Rs. 99/month, you can download unlimited content (music tracks/ringtones/videos and wallpapers).

The audio files are available in MP3s/WMAs (depending on how you purchase), video files as WMVs/3GP (for PC/mobile) – files are DRM protected (for unlimited pack) and expire after 30 days from the date of subscription.

Download Unlimited Bollywood Music and Videos from Hungama
Download Unlimited Bollywood Music and Videos from Hungama

The music store interface is pretty simple and intuitive, but there are a few jagged edges that Hungama needs to address.

  • Broken Search – its too wide, and keyword search is just not there – search for ‘kabhi kabhi mere dil mein’ brings pretty much everything and anything related to ‘kabhi’,’dil’,’mere’!
  • Confused Layout – Even though the layout is neat and uncluttered, its still confusing when you are looking for related/contextual content (for instance, if you are in ‘Indi Pop’ section, the related subsections should show related content (and not generic).
  • Checkout process needs improvement – Say, if you have added 20 songs to your cart and buy them, you will have to click 20 times to download the songs – a better implementation is needed, when Hungama is stressing on selling an unlimited download plan.
  • Relatedness – ‘Akshay Kumar’ and ‘S P Bala’ are surely not related – in general, the whole algo needs a makeover and if the same cannot be achieved via engineering, please ensure that the product messaging is aptly done.
  • Discovery/Community – The whole aspect of content discovery is missing. A lot can be achieved here – without spending too much of effort.

In short, the whole site leaves a lot to be desired, but what Hungama has got perfectly right is the pricing – mix of sachet pricing and unlimited, keeping DRM in context. You can download 4 music tracks for Rs. 20/ (DRM free), single track for 10/ (DRM free) and you can go for an unlimited access for only Rs. 99/ a month (DRM).

dnlod1[1] Hungama is also launching a desktop tool, MyPlay that will enable users to play the music and videos on the PC.

What’s your opinion on Hungama’s foray into retail music segment? How will it compete with Nokia music store?

Full Disclosure: I have received free access to Hungama site as well as couple of CDs in the last 3 weeks.

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