Download SatGuide maps on your Nokia for free!

Tried of paying recurring charges for navigation maps on your Symbian Nokia phone? Don’t want to pay GPRS charges for connecting to your navigation application? Need an onboard, hassle free navigation with a one time, life time payment? The answer is here now, and its yours free to try out!!

SatGuide, the pioneer in the GPS arena in India with a majority market share, is here to offer its Symbian trial software, imagine being able to flash the latest technology on your phone for no charge! For upto 10 times usage, by just downloading the application from with 26 cities map that is just a tad version older than our latest ones. Be the new reason for peer envy, be the know-it-all dude of the town with this latest technology as it offers most of the sorted out malls, theatres, ATMs, hospitals etc as POIs (Point-of-interest) on its maps.

Wondering what will happen once you get hooked onto it after 10 clicks??? Well SatGuide offers this with more detailed maps of 200+ cities and 1.5mn POIs for a one time payment of Rs 1999. Now don’t you think that too petty a price to pay for lifelong fame and stress free life!! All this not only in your home ground, but be smart and stay a click away from all cities information with SatGuide Wow!! Struggling to figure out how many zeros that is???? Hurry and download the software to experience these 15 lakh destinations across India and cruise through your streets like never before!

The navigation software can be installed on many of the Symbian OS phones by Nokia and Samsung like N95, E66, 6110, N82, 6210, E57, 6220, N78, N96, N73 and Samsung i560, among others. So go ahead with SatGuide, stop paying any recurring navigation charges, having to activate GPRS on your phone for a monthly fee or needing to wait while your software reroutes, and enjoy with our onboard one time payment solution!

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