Downturn: Should startups play offense or defense?

Most companies are playing defensive..but maybe that’s not the right way to go about it. A great perspective by Gokul Rajaram (he is speaking at UnPluggd):

Defensive strategies might help a company survive, but thriving is an entirely different matter. In order to exit the recession in a stronger competitive position and to lead their market, companies must play offense. Offensive strategies can be grouped into the following buckets:

  1. Increase operational efficiency: Lower variable costs, inclusive of customer support; improve sales and marketing efficiency; and create more nimble and flexible business processes.
  2. Improve customer retention: Figure out scalable ways to get your existing customers to stay with you longer.
  3. Test marketing strategies: Experiment with new marketing channels and strategies to acquire customers.
  4. Serve new customer segments: Grow your addressable market through new products/features, geographical expansion, or channel partnerships, either organically or through M&A.
  5. Uplevel your team: Take advantage of top talent availability to shore up weak areas of your team.

By: Gokul Rajaram / Read

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