DRIP: Learn any professional skill. For Free

What if you could learn any professional skill

from the best in the business?


DRIP enables anyone to acquire professional skills

Traditionally, professional learning courses aren’t just expensive, but offer very little RoI too (given the theoretical nature of it). Most of them are not created for mobile-first audience (will you still watch those boring 45-mins-video-format?)

The world, post Covid-19 has changed and companies are looking for people who have industry-ready skills.


Unlock New Opportunities

Planning for a job switch? Looking to get promoted? Wanna ask your boss for salary hike?

One answer that will hold true for all these questions is: upskilling.

With DRIP you can upskill without spending loads of money on expensive but unfulfilling courses.

Keep pace with your peers.
Stay ahead of the curve.

We have you covered.

With an all-round holistic approach to learning, personalization 
and content, Drip is designed to help you get better. Everyday.

Learn From The Real Doers

Learn from the best in the business. Without burning a hole in your pocket.

Designed To Delight

Snappy, personalized and straightforward experience that is sure to keep you interested.

AI-Based Personalization

We know everyone’s different. Hence our AI-based system ensures you never feel out of your depth.

Never stop learning.

Drip helps you learn any professional skill with bite-sized courses that keep up with you, and not the other way around.

We’re kicking things off with Digital Marketing & Product Management, but new courses are added every week.
Learning never stops with Drip. Go ahead and apply for the beta invite.

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Move ahead in your career

Drip aims to cover the entire gamut of professional skills that will help you not only develop an edge, but keep it. 

digital marketing

Product Management

Data & Analytics



Business Strategy


User Experience

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