Forget America, We Have Enough Drones Flying Here in India

A Mumbai restaurant has found an intuitive way to deliver pizzas to your place. They use flying drones – a concept which has been recently over pronounced after Amazon announced its Project Drone. But while the American Company isn’t expected to roll out this program to the public anytime until next year, here in India we have several developments going on the nonetheless.

From delivering pizza to taking pictures at a wedding to even using this technology to catch culprits, we have actually been using this for quite some time now. Let’s take a look at some of the best uses of the drone technology.

Starting with the Mumbai based restaurant’s case. In the video which is ought to win your heart, at an over-crowded and clumsy place like Mumbai, the drone flies from the pizzeria and reaches the rather complicated building structures. Unfortunately, it was just a test-project. However, Francesco’s Pizzeria’s Chief Executive Mikhel Rajani was quite impressed with the results and hopes to see this thing flying routinely in a few years.

D For Delhi Cops. D for Drones

Delhi Cops want to make use of similar drones to patrol over the city. The department wants drones that could fly over at around 40kmph. It will be sent out on a round every 15-30 minutes to get a live feed of an area of more than 500 square metres. “The project is in its initial stage. We are looking into the feasibility and safety of this equipment before going ahead. Top officers will give their nod after we submit a report on drones,” said a source.

IAF Too!

Here’s another cool use of this tech, Indian Air Force uses drones for the surveillance of our capital city during Republic Day and Independence Day.

Furthermore, a recent report from DNA states that India has handed over 49 hand-held drones to Indian Army troops situated at border regions to keep an eye on China and Pakistan. By now, we have acquired over 100 drones. Uses Drones

Leading rental and sale and real estate, Housing also uses drones. The founder of the company told us that by using these devices they are able to give buyers a better look at what their apartment looks like. Drones enable them to check the surrounding areas and various other things that wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for this device.


Another constructive use, a Mumbai-based startup, Airpix uses battery-powered, camera laced drones for photography and video applications. The folks have an engineering team that takes care of safety and other aspects and will be very happy to capture marriage ceremonies, festive events among other things.

In the past Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh had used these drones to keep a tab on tiger movement and also for guarding them against poachers.
There are many areas where we can put this technology for general use. Farmers can use this to spray pesticides and other chemicals to keep their crops healthy. These drones can also be utilized at the time of floods and other epidemics for relief.

Drones in India : What’s Stopping Them

However, there are many challenges that come in the way while approving this technology. Firstly, the drones are not allowed to fly above an altitude of 400 feet in our country. Moreover, you are required to have clearance from authorities while flying drones over security establishments. However, by the end of this year, we are expecting revisions in American Federal Aviation Authority’s regulations — which will hopefully impact in India as well.

There are several other technical barriers that the drones have to get over. In a nation like ours, the building structures are very irregular, thanks to congested places, the overhead wiring also comes in the way.


By the way, If you remember, Aamir Khan was flying drones all over his campus in the film 3 idiots.

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