Dronna Wants To Be Your Personal Search Engine For Crowd-Sourced Wisdom

It isn’t uncommon for people to ask for opinions or references on Facebook. Each day, many queries are posted and answered on the site. There are many more opinions and recommendations posted by Facebook users. But is there a way it can be used to help others looking for similar things? Not really. Because Facebook search doesn’t work all that well. This is where Dronna comes into the picture.

The site is a place for people to look for references and crowd-sourced wisdom. It lets you post questions, answer them and helps you search for answers on the website. Searching on unstructured data is hard to implement but it seems to work fairly well on Dronna. Take for instance, if you are looking for a cook in Bangalore, a quick search would give you results from other people on the network who have recommended cooks in Bangalore.Dronna

The site could be handy once the network effect kicks in. But it must get more intuitive and seed a lot more content. The challenge is to get people to realize its usefulness. That comes when more and more of them find answers and references on the network. This is what Google does when it marries your Google+ information with search results. But that’s more of an open and wider network.

The popularity of Facebook groups like Put Me in Touch & Second To None have proved that people value vetted and recommended content if its coming from someone on a trusted network.

Searching for Photographers on a Facebook Group
Searching for Photographers on a Facebook Group

The question and answer section could be generating a lot of data for search. Besides posting a question on the network, you can notify people in your “trusted” network through e-mail as well.

Dronna was founded last year by Vikas Singh, who co-founded IgluLabs, a web serivces company before this and three others. Abhinav Raghav is a growth hacker at Dronna. Karthik S works on the UX and Navarjun works on design.

How does it plan to make money? “It can help brands understand and identify such true loyal customers if the customers can benefit from it,” says Singh, who feels that the current loyalty model is broken.

Information and experiences shared by people is prioritized based on who it is coming from and how much you “trust” that person. It uses Facebook connect to login and uses its own “magic sauce” to figure out who are your more trustworthy and influential people in real life and for what, says Singh.

Give Dronna a spin and let us know what you think.

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