Dropbox smartly finds a space in Indian colleges [SpaceRace]

Online storage service, Dropbox launched a contest last month (SpaceRace) that basically enables college students to start signing up their classmates for the service.

The way the service works is very simple – you just need to signup using your college email id (you get 3GB space for 2 years).

  • Your school gets 1 point for each person who registers for Space Race and installs Dropbox on their computer (if they haven’t already).
  • Your school gets 2 more points for each person that goes through the Get Started guide (including you!)
  • Each level your school achieves means more free space. That means the more classmates and friends you rally to Dropbox, the more space every Space Racer at your school gets, up to 25 GB for two years!
  • In addition to earning points, you’ll still get the normal 500 MB bonus for each referral.

In essence, Dropbox wants to get more adoption and catch ‘everybody’ young. This is what all the biggies of the world has been trying to do (including Google which launched Apps contest few years back and Microsoft which was giving away free phones to attract students for its WP platform).

“We’ve heard of teachers using Dropbox for submitting homework, groups building amazing feats of engineering through shared folders, and theses being rescued from certain doom at the end of that critical all-nighter. That being said, we wanted to do something for all you students and professors to show how much we love you guys. And while our referral doubling last April was cool and all, it’s nothing compared to how ridiculous the space opportunities are going to be for your school this year.” [via]

And the result? Indian college students have embraced Dropbox in quite a big way and while none of the Indian colleges are in the top 100 list, Dropbox surely has smartly found its way across many colleges.

Dropbox in Indian Colleges
Dropbox in Indian Colleges

Marketing lesson

Cost of campaign? Minimal (considering the global coverage of this contest).
What about the impact? Huge, I’d say. Students are ‘introducing’ Dropbox to their classmates and teachers – the result will only be seen in the coming years, but this is quite a lesson for several other corporates who are spending a lot of $$s in marketing with no skin in the game.

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