Hyderabad Based Druxon Won’t Let Patients Forget Meds With SMS Alerts

DruxonEver forgotten to take your medicines on time or missed a doctor’s appointment? A new service started by Hyderabad based startup Druxon will make sure you keep up with your appointments and doses. The company, founded in 2010 by a group of individuals with experience in the healthcare and IT industry, provides a healthcare service that intends to use technology to improve quality, timing and experience of health services.

The service has in place a system for individuals and caregivers to record and retain information pertaining to their health services. The system currently covers prescription administration, refill alerts and immunization alerts.

Users can organize their medication on Druxon.com and get text message alerts reminding them of their medicationn or when to refill their medicine. There is also an option to save and keep track of  your prescription online for future reference, that way they don’t have to worry about losing another prescription.

This system works well for users and patients who require medicines according to a predetermined schedule. The schedule can be monitored and managed by the user through the system.

The service comes with some other helpful features like Blood Donor registration, using which members can register themselves as Blood Donors. This will help the hospitals and blood banks reach the members in case of an emergency requirement of a type of blood. Another similar program is the Organ Donor registration, through which members can register themselves as Organ Donors. Druxon will soon engage with the right organizations to manage the organ donations systematically and legally. This feature is just a nomination as of now and will soon be followed by verification and paperwork

In the future Druxon plans to help users, with sensitive or chronic health situations, hire caretakers through their platform, who can help them manage their care, medication and also help in case of emergencies.

Once you register for an account you can enter your prescriptions on the portal  and save them for their future reference. After this you can configure sms alerts for various reminders. SMS reminders can be used to send alerts to remind you to take medicine at a particular time and on a particular day or to remind you to refill the  required medicine. These reminders are charged from your account credit. The introductory rate is Rs.0.50 per alert. Once you run out of credit you can recharge/ top-up your credit in your account. You can view the various charges here.

The service is also available for registered pharmacist and practising physicians. Pharmacists can enroll with the service and become both individual members and pharmacist members. This will allow them to operate as channel partners for SMS Alerts. Physicians can register with Druxon.com and become individual members plus Physician Members.

Satyen Bose, who has worked on various IT projects for healthcare companies and three others are part of the founding team.

mHealth in India

Druxon is part of the larger multi-billion mHealth market. According to London based research firm Visiongain, the global mHealth market will reach $2 billion in 2013.  With the mobile device being used as a delivery device at various stages of healthcare delivery, Indian startups are also trying to disrupt the mHealth space.

Take for instance Biosense Technologies. The company founded by Bombay based Myshkin Ingawale, has developed an iOS app that can check urine samples. E-commerce firm Healthkart’s generic drug search engine app is another example. One can use the app to find how prescription medicines work and understand the required precautions. You could also check for quality substitutes and learn about prices of medicines from your mobile device. mQure is another Indian company that operates in the similar space.mHealth

Government & mHealth

Governments have also been talking about mHealth in India. Mobile technologies have the potential to bring down costs of healthcare in the country. Dr SMS is one such initiative by the Kerala government to deliver health care solutions to the public. The service provides public with the contact details of nearest health facility/specialty centre in the needed hours through an SMS based system.

With the all these new mHealth systems in place, is the healthcare space going to really change for good? We certainly hope so.

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