Dunnitt- Micro Collaboration Tool (Review)

Dunnitt is a micro collaboration tool. It lets you create threads with a micro message (140 chars) and share it with a collaboration group. Each thread could be Text Only, YesNo, Question, Sign Up Sheet, Multiple Choice or Meet Up. And with proper input fields for each of them.

Dunnitt- Micro Collaboration Tool

Dunnit is aimed to be a device independent collaboration tool. The idea behind this as the team shares is:

Twitter is Many-to-Many Information Sharing in Real-time.

What if you had Many-to-Many Activity Sharing and Updates in Real-Time, from anywhere, any place and any device?

The tool is dead simple and the use cases are strong. But the problem i see with Dunnitt is that they are moving away from emails and SMS etc. whereas it would be better if we could use existing communication tools itself with Dunnitt working in the background. These once-in-a-while tools are generally lost when not used on a regular basis. For days if there is no update on Dunnitt then i would probably not check often and then completely forget about it. (The frequency of your checking emails depends on how regularly you receive emails.)

Issues with the current tool:

1. One serious issue is privacy related but is actually a feature. While creating a task you can collaborate with anyone on the Dunnitt platform. When you start typing the collaborators for a task, an auto suggest list is thrown revealing all the IDs and emails registered at Dunnitt. It hinders privacy and also has scalability issues on the technology front. It would be better if one could chose the list of collaborators from Gmail, Twitter, Linkedin etc. accounts.

2. The interface needs to be worked on. At times it seems some parts are totally disconnected from the others. The look and feel of the site is dull and they have already placed ads at all the places which is not a way to grow with a new product. Such attempts tend to prove that you are building a website and not a business.

3. The reporting system is very weak. Quantifying responses from other users is important.

Overall a nice idea but weak execution. Pebble Talk is a SaaS tool based on same idea but with stronger execution.

Do give Dunnitt a spin and share your experience.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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