TN best e-governed State, followed by Himachal, Delhi, Haryana and AP

As per IDC survey, Tamil Nadu is the best e-governed state in the country, followed by Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and AP.

The IDC survey is based on assessment of state IT officials, sample size of 3150 citizens, professionals and businesses. The results are based on a two level survey that assesses every state’s IT vision, implementation plan and ease of use of the various services. It also factors in IT allocation for new projects in 2007-08, their implementation and user satisfaction (source)

In general, there was a 12% rise in IT spending allocated to states by the central government (govt. bears 75% of the total IT spending by states) – and that was the prime driver in increased focus on e-governance across states.


.the scheme for for establishing one lakh CSCs (Citizen Service Centers) and setting up SWANs(state wide area network) across states is in progress. The government allocated Rs 450 crore for setting up SWANs; Rs 275 crore for setting up State Data Centers; and Rs 75 crore for establishing CSCs (and as of October 2008, 20,558 CSCs have been rolled out. )

Haryana govt. especially is focusing a lot on e-governance and has allotted Rs. 10 crore alone for computerisation of tax records.

These are good signs of govt. helping create an internal market for IT – what’s really interesting to note is that customer satisfaction index (of e-governance) has slipped from 64.8 to 63.6.

The back-benchers in the list are West Bengal, Jharkhand and Bihar.

What’s your opinion on the state of e-governance in India? What are the real issues?

Do state govts. see a benefit in going digital or are they doing a ‘lip-service’?

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