E &Y survey: Indian’s on 3G postpaid networks spend $43 a month

In India 3G postpaid consumers on an average spend $ 43 a month while a prepaid user spend $ 27 , a survey by Ernst & Young has revealed.
The report notes that 31 % of Indian respondents clearly understood the mobile data tariffs offered by the mobile operators, which is highest among others.

In the US, only 16 % respondents said they can understand the data plans, as many as 24 % understand data plans in the UK and Russia.

A majority of Internet enabled phone users in India prefer unlimited Internet data plans to usage based plans. 54% of  Indian respondents prefer unlimited mobile data for a fixed price per month. For mobile apps 33% prefer free trial of limited content and option of payment for complete version.

Smartphone users are twice as likely to use data services as feature-phone owners, however confusion over data tariffs, lack of guidance from operators on the value of new services and concerns over privacy and security risk limiting the adoption of mobile data in the future.

As per survey findings, the 36-45 age group has the highest average total monthly telecom spend, spending an average of US $ 52 per month. Smartphone ownership in the 36-45 age group is relatively high. While service usage is not as high among them as in the younger age groups, a significant proportion are keen to try services.

The survey pointed out the rising smartphone uptake means that more than 1 in 3 mobile customers are using services such as web browsing, instant messaging and social media on their devices. One in 4 non-users of mobile social media and mobile money services cite unwillingness to give personal details or credit card information as reasons for rejecting these services. Operators need to carefully consider the balance between the security and convenience of mobile internet services.

A fortnight back, Pluggd.in had conducted  a poll to understand the reasons for low 3G adoption in India. In the poll, 34 % respondents mentioned that it is pointless to have 3G plan as most of time it gives users a 2G like experience, while 26 % respondents have pointed out that 3G service is OK only in some parts of town, otherwise it’s pointless. 26 % respondents were of view that 3G works and it is fast. Overall, 74% weren’t so happy with 3G.

3G Adoption Challenges in India
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