5 Things You Need to Know about E2O, Mahindra’s New Electric Car : 100 Kms per charge, App Integrated

Auto maker Mahindra launched its electric car, E2O on Monday in Delhi. The car which sells for Rs 5.96 lakh in Delhi (ex-showroom), is quite something. Here are five things you must know about the electric car whose roots can be traced to a campus project.

E2O from Mahindra
E2O from Mahindra
  • Mahindra’s E2O has its humble beginnings in a campus project. The auto giant created its electric car division by acquiring Reva Electric Car Company, an electric car maker founded by Chetan Maini. He was a member of the Solar Car team at the University of Michigan during studies. The team won the GM Sun Race in 1990 and the Reva was born out of these experiments.Mahindra e2o solar car
  • The E20 is 100% electric and has no tail pipe emissions. Its fully automatic and uses lithium ion batteries. It costs a little under Rs 1 per kilometer to run the car and needs to be serviced only once a year, says the company.
  • Mahindra’s car claims to go a distance of 100kms per charge. Each charge is 5 hours and the car can be plugged into any 15 Ampere power socket. It can receive emergency charge with a text message.
  • It’s got a regenerative braking system that sends energy back into the car every time the driver applies the breaks.
  • The car comes with a nice mobile app capable of parameters such as vehicle’s charge and range. It can be used to remotely control the e20s charging and lock or unlock the car. The app can be used to compare fuel efficiency of cars and has a GPS enabled real time trip tracker. The app is available on iOS, Android and Blackberry. More here.

An interesting technology innovation, but do you think E2O stands competitive when it comes to pricing?

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