Ease of Doing Business – India’s Rank Falls By 2 Points.

The Ease of doing Business 2015 data for India by The World Bank shows that India’s rank has fallen down by 2 places placing it at 142 among 189 countries with regard to ease of starting a business. Note that this rank is not calculated after the NaMo government came into existence and the various new reforms that were introduced.

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India ranks 142nd in ease of doing business worldwide
The rankings are based on various parameters such as Starting a business, dealing with construction parameters, getting electricity, registering property, getting credit, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, trading across borders, enforcing contracts and resolving insolvency.
According to data mentioned in the World Bank report, covering 17 Indian cities, India stands at 142 with a score of 53.97 as compared to previous year’s 52.78. The report mentions that doing business is easiest in Ludhiana, Hyderabad, and Bhubaneshwar. Although there is an increase in score, rankings have fallen down as other countries have improved their reforms faster than India has. Singapore with 88.27 points occupies the top position in the ease of doing business followed by New Zealand, Hong Kong, Denmark and South Korea.
India’s per capita gross national income is at USD 1570 (INR 96248.81) compared to USD 6560 in China, USD 53670 for United States and USD 39110 for England who rank 90th, 7th and 8th on the list respectively.
Neighboring countries Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh are ranked at 128, 99 and 173 on the list.
The list also mentions that reforms are being made currently in categories like starting a business, getting electricity and protecting minor investors as compared to previous years.
Protecting minority investors is the only category that has shown a 14 point improvement in specific ranking as compared to previous year.
India ease of doing business - statewise
India: ease of doing business – statewise
NaMo’s government has initiated the MakeInIndia campaign urging companies to start businesses in India, easing the procedure through various new reforms; the first step to this being the single day registration period for businesses. Digital India campaign also aims at empowering India by making it a technological hub through various plans and procedures encouraging public-private partnerships.

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