Cut Through Tardy IVR & Breeze Your Way to Customer Support


Cut Through Tardy IVR & Breeze Your Way to Customer Support


Waiting at the other end of the line for an automated voice to guide you through a tiring customer service process can be painful to say the least. Imagine if you could cut through the clutter? The Breeze app lets you do that.

The app lets you browse for interactive voice response options on your smartphone and directly dial them. The Android-based app simplifies the IVR functions of companies.

Manjunath Hanasi got the idea of building an app which could cut through the tardy IVR process when he had to make customer service calls himself. “I had to go through a lot of menu choices before zeroing in on an option that I thought was meant for me,” he recalls.

A month later, he discovered that there was a miscommunication between the company and its service centre in Bangalore as a result of the misleading IVR. After a few more such encounters, Hanasi decided to solve the problem for himself.

Unique feature

 A distinct feature of the app is one touch reach to the desired IVR option of any company. Breeze, unlike other apps that gives you the contact number of the companies (e.g. yellow pages), or allow you to reach customer care, has the capability of taking the user to the desired option with a single touch. Users are connected to around 100 companies in 20+ categories.

As the app launched at the bigMobilityConf2014, Manju happily talks about an occasion where an app lover walked upto him and said, “”I am going to install Breeze App on my parent’s phones immediately”.

Watch Breeze App Demo at bigMobilityConf

How does it benefit the companies?

Longer voice menus really irritate the users. With Breeze, the frustration reduces, call times reduce and this results in saving of money.


Companies can also show solutions to frequently asked questions on the App itself.Hence the number of calls to the customer care also can be reduced. They can also bring revenue generating options on the front page, show context sensitive offers when users are browsing their IVR etc. The app also gives an user base to the companies registered.


There are no direct competitors in India while Zappix and Jacada are international players in the same field.The app is currently available in all Android devices and will soon be available in other platforms.

Future plans

The team is working towards making Breeze available on other platforms. Integration mechanisms like API and SMS are being worked out as well. The team also has plans to expand into European and South-Asian countries.

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