EasyLaw, Where Entrepreneurs Can Find Legal & Finance Professionals

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EasyLaw, Where Entrepreneurs Can Find Legal & Finance Professionals

Given the number of people employed in professional services of law, accounting and company secretaryship, it is never easy for a person to find the right kind of person whose services can be relied upon. Keeping this in mind, Dhruv Jain and Ridhish Talwar decided to start their professional services platform – EasyLaw. With EasyLaw, they believe entrepreneurs and users can move beyond the “family and friend” recommended professional to find someone more suited to their needs.

EasyLaw, was formed with one single thought in mind – helping entrepreneurs connect with the right professional according to their needs.

“A great lawyer who helped evict a tenant may not be a good match for an entrepreneur looking to register their trademark. A CA who registered a company for a friend may not be the best bet to help one understand the tax implications of importing from China,” says Dhruv Jain, co-founder and director, EasyLaw.


The Product

A bootstrapped startup, EasyLaw is a platform which allows its users to access advice and invite quotations from professionals like lawyers, chartered accountants and company secretaries for free.

 The platform allows users to view a professionals complete profile, and professionals in turn are ranked and rated in terms of services already rendered by previous users. Once a user enters the questions or service that he requires to be answered, the company connects them with specialist professionals near them.

“EasyLaw uses unique algorithms that detect users’ location and notifies the experts based on  distance and matching skill sets once the client posts their requirement,” explains Dhruv.

Clients can post questions and projects for free, or get a project called “feedback enabled project” where they leave feedback on an expert’s profile after using their services.

The platform which was initially launched in 2011, as a legal-professionals only platform, got a revamp and was relaunched as a marketplace for experts to register and build profiles to connect with clients.

EasyLaw currently has more than a 100 completed profiles of experts and claims to receive 8-10 new experts everyday.

Verifying Experts’ Qualification & Authenticity

The company says that they currently do not have a system in place to verify authenticity of experts’ qualifications. Instead they bank on the feedback enabled project system and positive reviews of clients to help authenticate a professionals level of expertise.

 The feedback enabled project is also EasyLaw’s current route to monetisation. They charge each client who uses the feedback model Rs 99, but maintain that the primary idea is to get the platform more acceptance and active,

“The reason we are charging for feedback enabled projects is that the RBI prohibits a PayPal type of escrow service for INR settlements. Due to this we were forced to let clients and experts, pay and receive payments off-platform,” says Dhruv.

Feedback enabled projects also deters experts from gaming the system and posting new profiles if they receive a bad review he says.

Easylaw: Win-win for Client & Experts

 “EasyLaw does not directly give the experts any monetary benefits, but provides a free platform for them where clients can find and award them work. Any proceeds of any work won via the platform are the monetary incentive that the experts get,” Dhruv says.

The 3 member strong team at EasyLaw outsources all their development and maintenance work to larger IT companies and uses AWS for hosting. The company that is bootstrapped is on the lookout for funds.

“When we receive funding, we would like to hasten the pace of development of the platform, add more features, hire a sales team to focus on expert registration and engagement,” envisages Dhruv.

The company currently boasts of having a healthy mix of various professionals on its platform. The platform currently comprises 40% lawyers, 40% company secretaries and 10% chartered accountants.

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