EasySign Launches Android App–Brings Different Pricing For Android Vs. iOS Appstore

EasySign, the app that lets you sign documents using your mobile phone/touch device has today launched its Android App (earlier the app was only present in iOS marketplace).

The app (also demoed at Appnomy Conference) saves you a lot of time and money by solving the problem of dealing with hassles and frustrations of printing, scanning or faxing while signing documents.

Sign Your Documents From Android Devices
EasySign: Sign Your Documents

A user downloads the App from the AppStore for free and imports a document from an e-mail attachment, Dropbox or other cloud based file storage services. Once the document is imported, you can sign and fill it right on your smartphone or tablet and then send the final document directly (to whoever you wish to).

Key Features of the EasySign App

  • Supports PDF document format
  • Sign the document yourself or have it signed by clients in person
  • Draw your signature freehand using your finger or stylus
  • Fill in name, initials, date or any text
  • Choose from various ink colors, text styles and date formats
  • Import PDF by emailing as an attachment to docs@easysignmobile.com

We tried the Android app (link) and though the team has done a great job ensuring a similar experience (similar to iPad), creating/saving the signature isn’t as smooth as one would expect it to. But once you have passed this step, it’s a breeze. Infact, the team when they demoed at Appnomy Conference also shared that they found it difficult to bring the iPad experience owing to lack of SDK maturity on Android.

What’s interesting is that while the app follows freemium pricing in Apple appstore, the team is charging USD 9.99 (INR 490.47) for the Android app (i.e. paid).

Why so? We asked Sunil Patro, cofounder of EasySign:

Why have different pricing strategy for iOS and Android app?
The issue is how in-app purchases are supported in Android vs iPhone. Due to time sensitivity for being one of the first apps in this category to the Android market,  we made a decision to release the freemium app for android later, likely by the end of the year. The long term plan is that: once Android app becomes freemium also, you can use your EasySign account across our iPhone App, Android App or other platform specific version. So you just buy our plan once, and then use from whichever device you use or switch to. This is the model that Evernote, Dropbox and others follow.

Challenges faced in replicating the same experience (as iOS)?
The complexity of the Android platform, primarily OS / device fragmentation and lack of SDK maturity for advanced technologies.

How are you reaching out to the global market?
Through media coverage and social media ads. We are known in the eSignature scene for the quality of our product. EasySign’s reputation on iOS has resulted in many people writing to us asking for the Android version. These were the first people to be notified of the release, along with media contacts. For the later, we’ve started reaching out to those who have written about the iOS App.

Do give the app a sign and share your review. We played with the app and must say that its very well done and solves an unstated pain-point.

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