EasySquareFeet : Real Estate Solution that Delivers Value

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EasySquareFeet : Real Estate Solution that Delivers Value

EasySquareFeet is a Bangalore based startup that aims to create a marketplace for city dwellers to rent/sell apartments.

Unlike the regular portals, easysquarefeet is not relying on their portal alone- they are setting up a strong offline channel too.

It’s a order based real estate solution to buy/sell/rent in/rent out properties. There are area managers for property counseling and organize visits for you. Online integration to check the status of your order anytime on the internet. Customer care to answer your queries. And a bunch of young field executives running around the city to find your dream home.

ESF’s focus is primarily on delivering a good experience to sellers/landlords as well as buyers – they get you all the relevant info that you would need – i.e. pictures, vastu compliance etc – i.e. information that helps you in decision making. Pure value based offering and that’s why ESF probably wants to charge the same fee as brokers.

This is something that they need to look at – if they want to disrupt the market, they might want to plan a referral thing.

Most of the queries related to house hunting happens inside companies’ intranet/mailing lists and if ESF has to get a presence there, they better create a wow experience, a viral experience for their users.
The real estate market for rental (which I guess is going to be the initial priority for ESF) is very transactional in nature, quite unorganized and largely dominated by brokers.

Do give ESF a spin and share your opinion.

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