EatherWay – Integrated Patient Flow Management System for Hospitals

EatherWay is a healthcare product that integrates the three communication mediums – Mobile Text Messages (SMS), Internet and normal Telephony enabling patients and docts to communicate with each.

Developed by Cochin based company (Alignminds), EatherWay enables doctors and patients to communicate with each other using their platform.
Here is how it works:

  • The Doctor subscribes to EatherWay, either by registering online or with the help of solution specialist from the company.
  • The Patients also register with EatherWay, either online or by sending a mobile text message. This will enable them to book their appointments online, search for doctors etc. However, registration is not mandatory to fix appointments through SMS or Automated Telephone Appointment System.
  • Whenever appointment is needed the patient can book an appointment online or by sending a simple mobile text message or call our automated …..telephone appointment system. She receives the date, time and a token number by reply SMS. If the doctor is not available, next available dates are received by SMS.
  • If an appointment is to be cancelled the patient sends an SMS for cancelling the appointment and gets acknowledgement.

Essentially, Eatherway lets you chose your mode of usage, though the most important driving factor is to bring in doctors who want to use this tool, in order to setup the appointment.

Most importantly, it’s not the doctors, its the admin team at small hospitals who need to be sold such solutions and unless the company does that aggressively, it will be a difficult ball game.
What’s your take?

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