Analysing Ebay For Cameras Category : Only 56 Sellers [NextBigWhat Ecommerce Insights]

In our previous report of this series we discussed catalogue size and popularity of sellers under laptops category. In this report we would mine Cameras category, we evaluated data received from FindYogi Cameras for this report. We have considered only new products that are under manufacturer warranty and available as on 4th Week of April 2014 for this report.

  • Ebay has 253 SKUs under this category. Different color variants of the same product are considered as single SKU here.
  • There are 1128 offers on these 253 SKUs.
  • These offers are from 56 sellers. These sellers could also be selling in other categories.

Catalogue Size of Sellers for Cameras Category

Cameras have vast variety of products offered across all new and old brands. In a market place catalogue is of great importance to attract customers with different needs. We have seen total SKUs and offers available on Ebay but let’s see what is stored with individual seller.

7.Camera Catalogue Size

  • About 43% sellers have 1-5 SKUs to offers to their customers. This is the range where most sellers of this category are present.
  • 14% of the sellers have 6- 15 SKUs. About 29% sellers have 16 through 35 SKUs and this is the second highest category in terms of number of sellers.
  • 9% sellers have 36 – 75 SKUs. 3% sellers have 76 – 155 SKUs.
  • Only 1 seller who offers 156 through 315 SKUs. Looking at this data it seems safe to assume that there are only 3 -8 seller who offer SKUs across various brands.

Popularity Analysis for Ebay Mobile Category sellers’

To determine seller’s popularity on Ebay , we examined number of ratings each seller has received from its customers till date. Good rating comes from satisfied buyers in a marketplace and it is a clear differentiator to analyze product quality, catalogue size and good customer service.

8. Camera Seller rating

  • There are 21% sellers who have below 100 ratings.
  • About 39% sellers have received 100-1000 ratings. This rating range is the one where most of the sellers are present.
  • 32% sellers have received 1001-10000 ratings. This range has 18 sellers.
  • There are only 4 sellers who have received 10000+ ratings. Looking at the data we can conclude that there are about 4 – 20 sellers who are popular in this category.

In this report series we have revealed details of seller popularity, catalogue and offers under Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops and Cameras. Do read our other parts of this series where we discussed other categories. If you are looking for a specific report please tweet your request to @NextBigWhat. All reports are published through data sourced from our partners

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