eBay faces Seller Boycott, India portal adds IPL merchandise

Hundreds of sellers of eBay have called for a global boycott of the auction portal on May 1 over payment, pricing and feedback changes which they allege will hurt their profits (as well as interest).

eBay is known for it’s strict policies – especially when it comes to payment (remember they blocked Google Checkout?).

Recently, eBay updated it’s policies and apart from increase the fees, eBay is no longer allowing sellers to give negative feedback about buyers.

This surely makes them polarized towards buyers – a deviation from the earlier ‘market making’ positioning? Maybe.

Aside, eBay India is on a roll and is partnering with media houses (UTV, Tips, Eros, Shemaroo) to sell high-profile autographed memorabilia on its pages.

Starting today, the official IPL merchandise from Hot Muggs for Team Chennai (Chennai Super Kings) and Team Mohali (Kings XI Punjab) will be available in its Buy it now / Fixed Price (BIN) category listing.

Starting March, it launched “Ten Things To Do Before You Die”, comprising 10 auctions starting at Re One. Its ‘F1 Grand Prix in Monaco’ package, priced at Rs 3.6 lakh got the highest bid of Rs 1.77 lakh.

The listing got over 50,000 unique visitors, and received a total of around 500 bids (an average of 50 bids per auction). The lowest bid was that for a helicopter ride at Rs 28,000. [via BS]

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