How Big Is The Mobile Category on Ebay [NextBigWhat Ecommerce Insights]

We took a look at Ebay across four categories mobiles, laptops, tablets and cameras. This time we are going one level deeper into the Mobile category on Ebay.

In our aggregated report we discussed seller’s popularity and their catalogue size on Ebay across four categories mobiles, laptops, tablets and cameras. This time we are going one level deep on analyzing these individual categories.

In this report we would look into Mobile category on Ebay. We have evaluated the following report based on data from FindYogi Mobiles. Only new products that are under manufacturer warranty and available as on 4th Week of April 2014 is considered in this report.

  • Ebay has 807 SKUs under Mobiles. Different color variants of the same product are considered as single SKU here.
  • There are currently 3,824 offers under these SKUs.
  • The above offers are from 319 sellers. These sellers may be selling in other categories too.

Catalogue Size of Sellers for Mobiles Category

Mobile is one category where variety is so vast that user gets a big catalogue to choose from but is true for all sellers. We have seen total SKUs and offers but let’s find out if all Ebay sellers have that variety to offer to their customers.

1. Mobile Catalogue Size

  • 30% of the sellers have only one SKU to offer. These sellers could also be selling other products and possibly trying their hand with these popular products. There is also a possibility that they are new sellers who have started using the platform.
  • 13% sellers are those who are selling around 5-10 SKUs.
  • Post above mentioned range there is a substantial dip in number of sellers as catalogue improves. This means there are limited sellers with good catalogue or wide product range to offer to their customers.
  • There are only 7 sellers in 51 through 100 SKU range, 6 in 101-200 and surprisingly only 1 has 200+ mobile SKUs.
  • Only 2% of these sellers have over 100 mobile SKUs to offer. It is safe to assume that only 7 big sellers have products across various brands for this category.

Better catalogue would help in improving this marketplace. If only few sellers are achieving this for Ebay and for themselves, one can image what potential it would bring when there are more SKUs.

Popularity Analysis for Ebay Mobile Category sellers’

To unmask seller’s popularity on Ebay, we evaluated number of ratings each seller has received till date. Good rating comes from satisfied buyers in a marketplace and it is a clear differentiator to analyze product quality, catalogue size and great service.

2. Mobile Seller rating

  • Mobiles category has the maximum number of sellers on Ebay. As clearly seen on the pie chart about 56% sellers have received below 100 ratings. They could be new sellers on this marketplace.
  • As the rating count goes up seller count keeps decreasing. 29% sellers have 100 through 1000 ratings. About 13% sellers have 1001 through 10000 ratings.
  • Only about 1% sellers have ratings above 10000. They seem to be the ruler of this category. They understand customers need and strive to do the best.

Do read Part three of this series where we would discuss on Laptops category on Ebay. If you are looking for a specific report please tweet your request to @NextBigWhat. All reports are published through data sourced from our partners

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