Hacker Leaks Documents Related to Indian Defense Establishments ECIL & Others

Guy FauxA hacker has stolen sensitive data from India’s defense establishments and posted it on Kim Dotcom’s new file sharing website Mega. The hacker, “PhrozenMyst,” got in on August 20, said a report.

The hacker accessed data related to India’s space agency and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) and the website of Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL), The Deccan Herald reported.

Phr0zenMyst got access to technical drawings and specifications of sensor antennas and map of an astrophysics facility in Ladakh. Sensitive e-mail conversation between ECIL & BARC was also compromised, said the report.

The e-mail exchange is still up on Pastebin.

PhrOzenMyst also claimed on its Twitter feed that it has accessed the servers of Tata motors on 24 August.

Most of the files uploaded to Mega weren’t highly “sensitive” as media reports claim. Majority of it is made of brochures which was printed for public distribution. The work orders, given to ECIL from the Indian Space Research Organisation and The BARC, however, contained drawings and technical details of a couple of projects. While the leaks may not do a great deal of damage, the lack of security for government’s information infrastructure is worrying.

One set of e-mails, posted on Pastebin seem to be a dump of all e-mails received by the corporation’s grievance cell or vigilance department where employees have complained (one employee was about to fall for the classic Nigerian scam :)) to a higher authority about everything from misconduct to Job recruitment scams.

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