Turn Celebrities into Native Ad Units For Your E-commerce Store with Hoverr [UnPluggd PitchStop]

If you can’t afford to hire celebrities to sell for you, here’s what you do. Head over to Hoverr.me & get going with your celebrity push!

If there’s one thing that gets eyeballs on the Internet, it’s celebrity pictures. That is of course after cat videos & adult content. Now, how can you make celebrities sell for your e-commerce store? If you can’t afford to hire them, here’s what you do. Head over to Hoverr.me & get going with your celebrity push!

Using Hoverr, you can pivot traffic to your ecommerce portal by just using fashion photographs for advertising on websites instead of banner ads. Vijay Ram Kumar, the founder of Hoverr tells us that if a user hovers over a celebrity picture, he is given an option to search and buy an accessory or apparel on the picture.

Vijay Ram Kumar, Founder of Hoverr @ UnPluggd
Vijay Ram Kumar, Founder of Hoverr @ UnPluggd

Vijay started Hoverr.me aimed at the booming ecommerce industry in India. It is a native advertising platform which uses fashion photography to advertise on websites. Used on any publisher website, the page redirects to the ecommerce retailers page once potential clients hover over and click on an ad.

The company claims that the application has uses for both publishers as well as advertisers. While publishers get to provide content with relevant ads places by its side, advertisers will get more clicks per ad, as compared to banner ads, as well as the customer with the highest probability of buying the product.

How does it work?

Publishers can copy and paste codes and choose the images that they want to go live, while at the same time monetising from the direct links to shopping websites that have been provided. Hoverr also has an affiliate program and provides commission on product photos that will be shown on a page.

To advertisers, Hoverr claims to give the highest ROI on the premise that fashion photographs have higher viewers as compared to ads, thereby outperforming click rates of display ads by over 10 times. Moreover, the system will also give a “highly-targeted potential client”. They also offer real time analytics to gauge which product images provide the highest engagement.

Programmatic Approach

“We don’t have a bunch of people sitting and tagging the bunch of images, but we’ve taken a programmatic approach to solve this problem. We’ve built an algorithm that scans the entire image and  compares with both products to provide the results in .12 seconds.” says Vijay, Founder & CEO – Hoverr.me, on the system used to provide the service.

The company does not aggregate the pictures used in a particular website, instead they use their software on websites where the pictures are already part of content. Current clients of the company include Yahoo, Indiatimes and MensXP among others. “These companies provide celebrity and fashion photographs, the visitors are already there. We just redirect them as a potential leads from there to ecommerce retailers.” he says. Currently, the company only caters to apparels, but seek to extend this to other sectors as well.

Hoverr was one of the startups that launched at UnPluggd, the NextBigWhat startup conference. Startups like gazeMetrix, that analyze a brands’ metrics through photos and videos taken by users in various social media were launched in previous editions of UnPluggd.

Watch Vijay Ram Kumar, the founder of Hoverr Demo the Product

Here’s what he had to say about his experience at UnPluggd:

Have attended Unpluggd continuously for the last 3 years. Have been a delegate from college for the last 2 years and this year I myself had a chance to pitch. It was awesome. If it was the same venue it would have been nostalgic. Unpluggd played a major role in my startup career starting from connections to inspiration. Would continue to attend for the years to come till I’m being invited for one of the sessions as a SPEAKER!

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