eBay India Census Guide – Mumbai leads the E-Commerce Race

eBay India has shared the online behavior of Indian netizens (analyzed the online behavior of shoppers and sellers in 28 states, six union territories and the top 100 cities over 2007) and there are some interesting insights:

  • USB drive registered the maximum sales on eBay. Value mobile handsets, MP4 players, USB MP3 players and diamonds were the other popular items.

City Wise:

  • Mumbai leads the race followed by Delhi,Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai
  • Hyderabadis bought the maximum number of movie VCDs and DVDs — ranging from Telugu, Hindi love stories to international comedies
  • Bangaloreans bought maximum number of car care products
  • Andhraites led the race for USB drives.
  • Delhites are health conscious and bought the maximum number of fitness equipments.

View the report here.

What;s your take on this report?

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