E-tailing industry generated $3.2 bn in sales during festive season


The festive month 2017 includes three mega sale events, along with the rest of the business as usual days. In total, it is estimated that the E-tailing industry generated $3.2Bn in sales. Below isĀ  the break for each festive period

  • Mega-event 1 (20th-24th Sep 2017) – USD 1.5 Bn generated by industry
  • Mega-event 2 (4th-8th Oct 2017) – USD 500-600 Mn generated by industry
  • Mega-event 3 (14th Oct 2017-onwards week) – USD ~600 Mn generated by industry driven by strong sales of electronic devices and appliances
  • Business as usual (non-sale days) from Sep 20-Oct 19 – USD ~500 Mn generated by industry

Adding up all the above, e-tailers generated a total of ~USD 3.2 Bn of sales (INR 19,000 Cr) for the whole 30-day festive month. For comparison, this would be 45% higher than the 2016 festive month (1st -31st Oct 2016) which generated USD 2.2 Bn of sales for the industry, as per Redseer consulting.

What do you think was the cumulative loss (given that none of the players were profitable)?

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