eCommerce Startups – Stop, Look and Proceed [Insights from eBay India Census Guide]

eCommerce startups and men who complain about women’s shopping habits have a reason to be happy during this weekend (and also longer hopefully). The eBay 2011 census guide indicates that eCommerce is catching up real fast with Indians not only living in the metros but also the rural areas. The guide also indicates that women who are shopping online are on a rise like never before.

The other key findings noticed in the census guide are

  • The rural India has started to buy online more often as it is the only way that a new product reaches them soon. While rural India buys one out of the ten items being sold, it also sells one out of the twenty items which are being sold. [Hint for startups: This gives a feeling that more transactions can be made to happen in the rural India provided if the delivery of goods can be made to these areas]
  • Lots of Indians are resorting to the mobile phone for browsing, comparing and buying products. [Hint for startups: No more excuses for creating a mobile-friendly website]
  • The Indian consumer does the research online for a product irrespective of buying it online or in a store. [Hint for startups: Device ways to hook up the consumer immediately after doing the research]
  • The Indian buyer imports trendy fashionable items and hottest gadgets from the global seller. [Hint for startups: Focus on the trends in the fashion industry and also on the latest gadgets available]
  • Increase in the number of women online shoppers has accounted to the rise in the purchase of lifestyle products. [Hint for startups: There is a rising trend in the buying of lifestyle products]

Cellphones are the most traded and imported items whereas the global shopper turns to an Indian seller mostly for buying lifestyle products. clip_image002

Nokia finally has something to cheer about as it is second only to Sony in the Top Brands list. Also Delhi continues to be the eCommerce hub of India followed by Mumbai.


Electronic Gadgets are found to be the most sought by an Indian buyer as they account to almost 50% of the all the purchases made on eBay India. On an average day at eBay, while a mobile accessory sells every 3 minutes, a jewellery item is sold every 4 minutes (True, Indian women online shoppers are on a rise). eBay also claims that it has almost over two million products that are available for sale everyday on its Indian website.

Image source: ebay census guide 2011

[Guest article by Srikanth Ch.]

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