Facebook Drives Majority of Social Traffic & Sales for E-commerce Companies: Shopify

Who says social media sites give lesser ROI for e-commerce companies vs Google?

Facebook gives the majority of social traffic and sales to e-commerce companies, says a new study by ecommerce website solution, Shopify.

Nearly two-thirds of all social media visits to Shopify stores came from Facebook, with 85% of all e-commerce orders also coming from the site.

Shopify analysed data from nearly 37 million social media visits that generated 559K orders to come with the results.

Here are its findings:

  • Facebook has the highest social media conversion rates for e-commerce traffic at 1.85%

  • E-commerce orders from Reddit rose by 152% in 2013! Yes, Reddit!

  • Community style website Polyvore generated higher order value compared to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

  • Instagram also generated higher order values than Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Studies have previously also revealed that premium apparel brands advertising on Facebook have a higher CTR than Google.

Shopify’s findings throws light on the increasing split in marketing budgets between Facebook and Google. Traditionally, Google dominated the online advertising space in India with its search based advertising.

Shopify’s findings will definitely be news to industry naysayers who feel that Google provides better RoI.

What are your thoughts? Social vs. Search : where are you putting your ad dollars in?

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