Ecommerce Startup, Bewakoof wants to make ‘Bewakoof’ thoughts a fashion statement

Both civil engineering graduates from IIT Bombay, these young lads always wanted to do something of their own…the seed was sown during college days itself and they started printing bulk t-shirts for college fests and managed to get in a few corporate orders too!

clip_image002[1]Two happy-go-lucky guys start a company just after college and within a few months the venture does very well for itself. Infact it achieves a break-even in no time. They are on cloud 9 and work towards expanding their business line.

Sounds like a scenario just out of a Bollywood flick? Nah! This isn’t so. It’s the story of and its founders Prabkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot. is an ecommerce platform that aims to bring some humour into our boring lives with their witty line of Tees and posters. Basically is dedicated to glorify humour among youth and bring a change to their lives.

Both civil engineering graduates from IIT Bombay, these young lads always wanted to do something of their own…the seed was sown during college days itself and they started printing bulk t-shirts for college fests and managed to get in a few corporate orders too! (Infact Prabkiran also started a venture called khadke gLASSI, a lassi outlet outside IIT Bombay, but it failed and had to be closed down). This was good to begin with but not something they really wanted to do. Once out of college they drilled their brains to different ideas and thus was incepted.

We got a chance to speak these cool, humorous, happy-go-lucky guys (Bewakoof) on their venture with a strange name and the roadmap for the future. Here is what they had to say.

Pi: Why the name Bewakoof? What made you choose something so strange as a name of a company?

Bewakoof: Well, to begin with we wanted something that was witty, cool, humorous and had a recall value. When we sat down to book a domain…this was around the same time I (Siddharth) was learning web designing and was booking every other domain name that sounded great. Suddenly we realised we were close to April Fool’s day and we tried putting that into domains. Both of us agreed on Bewakoof and we booked the domain.

And it worked! The name attracted everyone’s attention and forced them to visit our site. It created an inquisitiveness and people wanted to know what we did. image

Pi: How much time did it take from inception to execution?

Bewakoof: Though the domain name was booked long time back around April 2010 we never went ahead to do anything about it. We really started thinking about Bewakoof post our engineering. We started work on the site around December 2011 and launched it in end January 2012. Since then there has been no looking back.

Pi: What are the categories you deal in on the website? What are the to-be launched sections?

Bewakoof: As of now we cater to only 2 categories – Wacky quote/ one-liner/ illustrative T-shirts for men and wall posters. We aim to grow our portfolio to include everything that can bring some humour to our lives. However, the next thing we are looking to launch is Tees for women. We are working on the quality of tees and suitable designs as of now.

Pi: Where do you get these quotes/ illustrations/ one-liners from?

Bewakoof: Well, we do a lot of research on trends as to what is adored by the youth, what are they talking about, what they think…so on and so forth. These form the basis of our thought process. We then sit with our creative team and brainstorm. Thereafter various designs are created and then we choose the ones that work.

Pi: How has the response to Bewakoof been?

Bewakoof: The response has been stupendous. We are exhilarated as we had never even dreamt that we could make an impact in such a short span of time. We get orders worth 25-30 thousand per day on an average and growing. Infact we achieved operational break-even last month and expect to continue the good work. In terms of traction we get more than four thousand visitors per day on We are growing 100 per cent month on month.

Pi: How is marketed?

Bewakoof: To be frank we have hardly spent on marketing the site. We promote ourselves through Justdial and Facebook. Infact we have been able to garner 75 thousand fans on Facebook in less than a few months.

Apart from that we run extensive college campaigns where we ask students to spread Beewakoofy around their college campus. When they write to us, we send them five Bewakoof posters and they need to put them up in their in their college. Once done, they need to send us a picture of the same and we ship them a free Tee.

Also, we have tied up with Snapdeal, Indiatimes shopping and Seventymm wherein our tees are sold on their sites too.

Pi: There are existing sites like Inkfruit, who have the early mover advantage. Where do you see yourself among them?

Bewakoof: We agree that these sites have an early mover advantage but we are a little different in the league. We are more into the humour space. They are made keeping the youth in mind, as we do a lot of research, so there are less chances of error. Our tees are wacky and have a different approach. Also unlike others we promise a 24 hour dispatch so our deliveries are quicker.

Pi: What does the future behold?

Bewakoof: Well, we have just begun and there is a lot to achieve. We are working diligently towards our goal and the future looks bright. At one hand where we are looking to expand our portfolio which includes new categories and more alliances, we are also working on improving the user experience on the website. Also we are looking for investments and are looking to initiate talks with a few VC’s and angel investors. Let’s hope for the best.

  1. I haven’t come across any website that has done so well in such less time. Though they have a niche but they really concentrate on the quality, cost, design, humour, graphic, life, connect, funk. Especially the youth are going crazy about it.

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